The must do Marketing on Shopify

by | Dec 5, 2023

When comes to marketing, one of the best things of Shopify is how easy you can integrate your store with other marketing tools.

Having a successful online store is not only about having a nice website. You need to make your store visible online and make the most of Google and social media channels, among others.

Here are 4 things that your store can’t miss.

Google Channel

Google & YouTube Shopify app

We know that Google plays a very important role in the SEO. Connecting your store with Google will allow displaying your product on a Google search, for example if someone is looking for a “Fuchsia cushion” Google uses that information to display cushions of that colour on the shopping search.

Connecting your store with Google channel is straightforward but first you need to register with Google Merchant Center, which is free.

After that you can add the Google & Youtube app and connect your store using your Merchant account. You will first be asked to follow a few steps to verify your account, and once it is connected, you can start using Google channel to list your products.

I really recommend you start using SEO titles to make the most of this.

Connecting your Shopify with Google channel will allow you to start using Google Analytics (GA), you just need to create an account on GA using the same email you used for your Merchant account. I also recommend you start using Google Search Console to obtain more insights about when your website appears on a search.

Instagram Shop

Facebook & Instagram Shopify app

Connecting your Instagram shop is a great way to sell via social media, you can do this using the Facebook and Instagram app. First you need an Instagram account and make it visible to potential customers. But using Instagram shop makes the customer journey really easy, allowing them to checkout directly from Instagram.

This tool is free and can really help you get more conversions.

Email Marketing

Klaviyo for Shopify

This is another “must-do” marketing tool. I’m not going to talk here about your email content, but there are amazing experts who just focus on that.

First, you need to connect your store with an email platform – you can use Shopify’s own email marketing. I personally recommend using Klaviyo, because it is really easy to integrate with Shopify, and you can start with a free plan that has enough functionalities to start growing your audience.

If you want to incentivise your visitors to subscribe, e.g. giving them a discount with their first purchase, Klaviyo easily creates unique discount codes that work on your store.

Product Reviews

Reviews are more than a marketing tool, they are a way to generate trust. My favourite Shopify app for reviews is “Judge me”, this app has a free plan with lot of functionalities.

The main reason I prefer this tool against the official Shopify one is because it can send automatic emails requesting reviews after a purchase. You can also customise those emails, e.g. to offer a discount on the next purchase when customers leave a review. This will motivate your customers to leave feedback and to buy again from your store.