Julia Ferrari

Photo by Tricia Portrayed Photography

Meet Julia

She’s the passionate founder of Julia Ferrari Web Designs. Julia specialises in developing polished, vibrant and easy-to-manage websites that connect with your dream clients. Julia has been there and totally ‘gets it’ when it comes to your journey.

Julia has worked with a variety of small businesses that provide services and products, she is able to create websites that are thoughtful, friendly and beautifully laid out. She’ll give you the right balance of images and information by combining design with the latest developments in technology.

Working with Julia won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or baffled by tech jargon, she will look after you and provide you with the right solutions for your business. She has over 10 years worth of web design experience.

What matters…

Ethical Design

Working with businesses that are focused on positive change and impact. I create websites that are honest and transparent and respect their users

We rise to lift others

As a small business myself I work every day to grow this space and to help others. I love to see other businesses rising and support them as much as I can to make this happen.

Everyday joy

Transform your work into something that brings you joy and that you feel confident about. I love to see people doing something they are passionate about.

Design with purpose

Clear branding, communication and message. Your business is unique and your style and every element on your designs is there to create meaning and to connect with your dream client.

Charlotte Adorjan

Charlotte Adorjan – Char Writes
Copywriting and Courses @Char_Writes_

Julia is a bit of an angel. She basically scooped me (and my half-finished, angry-looking website) up and gently and calmly took over, tickling it in to shape. Doing all
those fiddly, techy bits that make your brain want to explode and make you want to quit your business before you’ve even started.
What I loved the most, was on one of our calls I could hear her baby cooing in the background. She simultaneously soothed the baby, tinkered expertly with
my site and talked me down from my crazed; is-this-
gonna-work! call, reassuring me that all will be great.
After just a day under her skilful ‘mothering’, I walked away feeling like I too had been soothed and put back together again along with my site.