Best Shopify Templates to display colour swatches

by | May 10, 2024

If you are selling the same product in different colours and you want to sell each colour as a different product you may want to use Sibling product swatches. 

For example you are selling the same t-shirt in different colours and you want to display all the different colours in your product page and at the same time you want to display each colour as a product. And Shopify makes this possible with the Sibling Product Swatches.

Sibling product swatches are a theme-specific feature. Not all Shopify themes support them. Below, I will explain how this functionality works, and then I will detail the themes that support this feature. 

What are sibling product swatches?

Sibling product swatches on Shopify are a way to link similar products together on a product page, allowing customers to easily browse different variations without leaving the page. Here’s a breakdown of how they work:

  • Individual Products: Unlike traditional variants, sibling products are actual separate products in your Shopify store with their own unique details, images, and inventory.
  • Swatches as Links: On the product page, you’ll see swatches representing each sibling product. These swatches can be images (like different colours of a shirt) or custom colours. Clicking a swatch takes the customer to the specific product page for that variation.
  • Focused View: Customers only see the details for the selected sibling product, making it easier for them to compare and choose the option they want.
  • Collection Listings: In collections (product listings), each sibling product appears individually, not as a single product with swatches.
Collection Page shows each each colour as an individual product
On the individual page all the colours are shown as swatches

When should I use this feature

Multiple Variations with Distinct Features:  If your products have several variations that go beyond just colour or size, Sibling product swatches can be a good choice. This is because each sibling product allows you to  include unique details, descriptions, and images specific to that variation. For example, a shoe store might  use sibling products for different colours of a shoe, but also for variations with different materials or laces.

Complex Variant Options: If your product has a high number of variant options (size, colour, material, etc.), using too many dropdown menus on a single product page can overwhelm customers. Sibling product swatches provide a cleaner and more user-friendly way to present these variations.

Desire for Individual Product Visibility: If increased visibility for each variation is important, sibling products can be beneficial. Since each sibling product appears  individually in collection listings, it  increases the chances of customers finding the specific variation they’re looking for while browsing your store.

Why I should use Product Sibling swatches

  • Seamless Exploration: Customers can browse different variations of a product (colour, size, etc.) directly on the product page without needing to navigate back and forth between the main product and its variants. This creates a smoother shopping experience and keeps them engaged.
  • Clearer Product Comparison: Sibling swatches allow you to showcase each variation’s unique details and images more effectively. This makes it easier for customers to compare features and make informed decisions.
  • Reduced Confusion: By separating variant options into individual products with swatches, you avoid cluttering the main product page with dropdown menus or long lists of options. This can be overwhelming for customers and lead to missed sales.

Which theme supports this?




Be yours 


Palo Alto


Things to consider

Setting up sibling products requires creating metafields in your Shopify admin to link the products together. This can involve some technical knowledge or require assistance from a web designer. If you need help setting up your online store check my package Unlock your online store: Shopify 1:1 Sessions.