Add your own domain email to Gmail

by | Apr 8, 2020

Usually when you buy a domain or hosting you have some email account included. Depending on the company setting up your email account can vary a bit. If you are using Gmail for other accounts can be very useful to manage your custom domain emails from Google mail.

First, I will show you how to create your own email in this case using Cpanel and then how to integrate it with Gmail

Creating your email account

Get into Cpanel or your hosting provider’s control panel, there look for the option Email Accounts and click there.

Cpanel Email

Create an account with your domain, if you have the option to choose your storage space, if depends how much you are planning to use that account, but if you have unlimited space could be more convenient this option.

Create an email account

Then you can select the option to forward this account to your Gmail, but this won’t give you the option to reply from Gmail.

Now your account is ready.

Integrating the email account on Gmail

Log in into you Gmail Account and click on settings

Gmail Settings

Select “Accounts and Import” from the top menu

Gmail Add another email address

And in the option send mail as click “Add another email address”

Complete with your new email account details

Add another email widndow

Then with the code that google will send, if you have set up to forwarding into your Gmail you should receive the code there.

Now your account is done Go to create an email and in from you can select the account you want to use to send the email.